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Day 1 : Wednesday, October 22

2:00 - 5:00 PM


Westin Hotel Lobby

4:00 - 6:00 PM

AWeber's Welcome Reception

Day 2 : Thursday, October 23

7:30 AM

Breakfast / Registration

Complimentary Breakfast buffet served in the Georgian Room at The Westin Hotel

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Tom Kulzer

9:30 AM

Dear Diary: A Content Marketing Makeover

Ann Handley

Dear Diary: Today I created a blog post and I tweeted four times. No one commented or retweeted me. I felt alone, especially when I went to my company Facebook page, and saw that my PTAT score is -42. How is that even possible? Only our Google+ is hopping. (Ha! Just kidding. As. If....)

Does that sound like a page our of your own diary content marketing efforts? Time for a reset. At this session, Ann Handley helps you remake your content marketing plan. (Hint: It starts with strategy.) She'll show you what the popular kids best-in-class marketers are doing to create content that makes their boss and customers love them. And she'll share her own formula for innovative content, and show you how it can apply to you.

You'll learn how to:
  • Create content that matters to your company's business goals
  • Use the can't-miss formula for developing innovative content (no actual math skills required)
  • Organize your team to generate consistently effective content - even if you are just a team of one
  • Produce content that differentiates your business

  • 10:15 AM

    The Entrepreneur Story

    Peter Shankman

    The entrepreneur story is a ridiculous one, when you think about it. It's the equivalent of jumping out of a plane, and hoping you have the skills to build a parachute from scratch before you hit the ground. It's annoying as hell, with constant late nights, early mornings, headaches, frustrations, delayed flights, lying VCs, and broken dreams.

    Then why do we do it? Because it's the most fun we can ever have in on our entire lives!

    Well, it's also something else. Some of us are simply wired this way. We can't sit in an office and work for someone else. We have talents, and we want - nay - We NEED to use them. But just because it's in our DNA, doesn't mean we're immune from the top mistakes all entrepreneurs make - From embarrassing little ones, to big whoppers that can take down our entire business before it even launches.

    Join Peter Shankman, best selling-author, host of The Mistake Podcast, Founder of HARO, The Geek Factory, and Shankman|Honig, for a fun, fast-paced, and funny look at the mistakes he's made along the way. He'll be brutally honest, but you'll walk away with what not to do on your path to entrepreneurial glory. And that's more valuable than anything else.

    11:00 AM

    Morning Break

    11:15 AM

    SEO Straight Talk: Why You Need #RCS Now More Than Ever

    Wil Reynolds

    Focusing on the user experience from search, is RCS. Companies who care about their customers don't just produce content for "traffic" they produce content to ignite curiosity, or to help educate prospects. RCS (or real company stuff) is a belief system that winning on search engines begins with people not with "Google". RCS challenges us with a simple question...would you build that asset or that content if Google didn't exist?

    12:00 PM


    Complimentary Lunch buffet served in the Georgian Room of the Westin Hotel

    1:15 PM

    Affiliate Marketing - Live and Uncut

    Moderator: Tricia Meyer
    Panelists: Sarah Bundy, Jen Myers Ward, Geno Prussakov & Brian Littleton

    Looking to get more bang for the buck from affiliate marketing? Grill our team of experts and have your pressing questions answered. This interactive session promises to be invaluable for affiliate newbies and veterans alike.

    2:00 PM


    Anne Holland


    2:45 PM

    Afternoon Break

    3:00 PM

    Advanced Blogging & Multichannel Analytics

    Andy Crestodina

    You've been blogging for years, but traffic growth is slow and leads are flat. But your Analytics are telling you what to do next. Here's how to listen.

    This session covers blog optimization for experienced bloggers, including the tactics for traffic and conversions using social media, email marketing and search optimization. Learn specific actions using Analytics and research to improve lead generation.

    Key Takeaways Include:
  • How to get more value from the same audience
  • Advanced Analytics for faster list growth and higher rankings
  • Tips for deeper engagement and collaboration
  • Find topics that connect, share content with a targeted audience

    Recommended for professionals with 2-5 years of experience in lead generation and content marketing.

  • 4:00 PM

    The Future of Content Marketing

    Michael Brenner

    The emergence of the digital, social and mobile web has dramatically changed the way B2B buyers navigate their decision journey. Today's buyers conduct most of the research themselves before reaching out to vendors. And they are overwhelmed with more information than they could ever consume. Successful brands are creating content that buyers want and need to consumer in order to make buying decisions. Only through interesting, helpful or even entertaining content can we earn the right to convert our prospects into buyers.

    Content marketing is more than a buzzword. Content marketing is an imperative for brands and the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and what brands produce.

    In this session, Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at NewsCred will present:
  • Why content marketing has emerged as a key trend in marketing
  • What approaches you should consider when building a content marketing practice and how to measure success
  • What are the emerging trends and predictions for the future of branded content marketing programs

  • 4:45 PM

    Closing Remarks

    Tom Kulzer

    6:00 - 8:00 PM

    Party on the Peak

    Day 3 : Friday, October 24

    8:00 AM


    Complimentary Breakfast buffet served in the Georgian Room at The Westin Hotel

    9:00 AM

    How to Produce Content that Gets Results, More Leads, and Way More Customers

    Marcus Sheridan

    "Content" - Apparently, it's the word of 2014, but really what are we talking about here? In this highly charged and interactive session, popular speaker Marcus Sheridan will boil effective content marketing down to its core and also show how audience members can turn content into their best sales and email marketing tool.

    9:45 AM

    Fat Fingers and Small Screens: Three Strategies for Mobile-Optimized Emails

    Justine Jordan

    Your subscribers read messages in more apps, devices, programs and platforms than ever before-interacting with emails not only from their desktop, but also from mobile phones and tablets. With half of all emails being opened on a mobile device, it's crucial to account for fat fingers and small screens. How can you ensure a consistent and effective email experience for your subscriber base?

    In this session, you'll learn:
  • Implications of various screen sizes and operating systems
  • Strategies for approaching mobile-friendly emails
  • Common pitfalls and easy wins to implement right away

  • 10:30 AM

    Morning Break

    10:45 AM

    Conversion Optimization - Live and Uncut

    Moderator: Hunter Boyle
    Panelists: Oli Gardner & Brian Massey

    Get your burning questions answered by our optimization experts. This audience-driven session will help you overcome your top testing obstacles, featuring rapid-fire critiques of selected attendees' landing pages.

    11:30 AM

    Email Deliverability: Ask the Expert

    Mohammed Ahmed

    Why is deliverability such a hot topic? Because your email ROI depends on it, period. This audience-driven session will tackle your questions and cover vital issues such as deliverability benchmarks, tips to improve response, list clean up and more.

    12:00 PM


    Complimentary Lunch buffet served in the Georgian Room

    1:30 PM

    2 Key Insights Learned From Processing Over 4 Million Opt-Ins Per Month

    Tim Paige

    In January 2013, LeadPages came onto the scene, as a brand new start-up with zero customers.

    In just their first year, LeadPages grew their business from zero to 15,000 paying customers. Today, LeadPages is the #1 lead generation platform and landing page builder in the industry with over 25,000 customers (and counting).

    You're about to see how LeadPages did it. Inside this 30 minute session, LeadPages' Conversion Educator, Tim Paige, will share with you two of the most valuable insights that the LeadPages team discovered on their rise to the top.

    You'll see exactly how LeadPages managed to grow their start-up business from 0 to 25,000 paying customers in less than two years -- by focusing their time and energy on two simple tasks. You'll also discover how to implement these two simple steps in your own business just minutes after this session ends.

    2:00 PM

    Exploring the Fundamentals of User Experience

    Jessica Ivins

    "It needs to be easy to use." We've heard this many times before from stakeholders, clients, and colleagues. But how do you go about making a website-or any product or service-easy to use? While there are plenty of industry leaders, books, articles, and best practices to learn from, what matters is context. For whom are you designing? What is this person's goals, motivations, and pain points? What is he or she trying to accomplish? Good design solves real problems. It doesn't just decorate. How can you design to solve real problems for real people?

    This session will explore the fundamentals of user experience. We'll explore industry best practices and examples of websites that solve real problems for real people. There are many tools and disciplines within user experience, from content strategy to information architecture to user research. By understanding these tools and when to use them, and by understanding the context of each design problem we are faced with, we can begin to understand how to utilize design thinking and creating user experiences that are useful, usable, and desirable.

    2:45 PM

    Afternoon Break

    3:00 PM

    A Tactical Toolkit to Conquer the Digital Marketing Trifecta

    Lynette Young

    The ASCEND Summit will leave you brimming with big ideas and lofty goals, but what happens when you're back in the office on Monday? Don't let your enthusiasm fade!

    In this session, Lynette Young will help you craft a tactical toolkit to take your "digital marketing trifecta" to the next level. She'll showcase social media, email and blog content tactics that maximize your marketing efforts and make a swift, effective impact on your customers and your business.

    3:45 PM

    Closing Remarks

    Tom Kulzer